My First Blog Post

This is the first post on my new blog.

Over the years I have thought about writing. The majestic dream of authoring a book of romance or suspense or simply being disciplined enough to keep a journal. Year over year I pacified myself with some pretty weak excuses typically always centered around time. That of which I felt as a single, feel sorry for me, working a full time job, sprinkled with I am in this State alone, mom, was something I didn’t have a lot left to give. I am not ashamed to say that my only child was my defense, my justification, my safety net….

Truth is the precious, blue-eyed, always thinking of others, sweet child o’ mine was my scapegoat! Think about it, she was the perfect Aunt Sally. An only child of a single mother, she definitely needed all of my attention, right?!? She was on the verge of being neglected. She only had school and homework, not to mention her very demanding gymnastic sessions, bestrewed with her swim lessons, painting class or other activities to keep her occupied. Heaven forbid, if I not focus until my eyes dried out watching intently while she tumbled over and over on a mat that was dangerously an inch off the floor! I mean come on, the M&M popcorn wasn’t going to pop itself for her and her friends’ every other weekend sleepovers!

See I was raised very old school – grow up, get married, have kids, take care of said family and definitely have no life outside of reading Harlequin Romance novels. For years I believed this and went to the extreme when I moved into single parenthood. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade one minute but that is a topic for another post with lots and lots of wine! The point is, I pushed parenthood with a severity to protect myself of potential scrutiny. Gracious knows I was apt to do so much more wrong because there was no significant other to tell me how to do it right! So many women (and men) question their worth and therefore make the craziest excuses for the silliest of reasons especially when someone else is counting on them.

But why now? Why write down all my ramblings after ignoring them for years? Well my mature, independent, face life head on, no fear, blue-eyed Evil Knievel has outgrown momma holding her hand as she crosses the street and is leaving me with no one hostage to my babble. As she discards my attention to saunter off to create her own majestic barrel of fun, I figured surely someone will accidentally stumble upon my blog and fall victim to my garrulous chatter. So as she begins the next chapter of her life limiting her overprotective, ask too many questions, mother, I realize that maybe I can start a new phase too.

I am not rich, famous, or overly successful, but I have definitely been lucky with what God has placed in my barrel. See I liken my life to a barrel of monkeys. And its definitely been created with one personalized, often convoluted shenanigan at a time. This new phase includes spending time attempting to connect one more moment to a tangled other and through this blog occasionally release some monkeys.

For now, I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more.

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