The Burn

There is little doubt that determining what is appropriate conversation and what is not has become increasingly difficult. The excitement of first cars, first dates, getting married and having children are all suitable – thus far. But what about those conversations that many if not most would wrinkle their nose and shake their head at the mere mention?

Why do certain things have to be taboo? Who is the ruler of defining what should be kept secret or whispered only in the dark?

Well turn out the lights if you must. There is something I just have to share! It has been SO long!

Put yourself in my shoes and imagine….

The warm salty sweat can be felt rolling down my many voluptuous crevices. Slowly the water droplets dampen every inch of my physique like tiny waves crashing against the shore. My skin luminescent from the slippery liquid glows. The excitement makes me squint what are by now surely bloodshot eyes.

The synapses in my nervous system strum every taut muscle from my brain to curling toes. The impulses amplify the breathtaking sensation washing over me. Panting from exertion, my breath comes and goes raggedly. The difficulty in breathing makes my chest rise and fall with the force of a lingering mid-summer jet-stream.

My temperature quickly escalates as my thighs perpetually rub against similar flesh. The heat almost unbearable makes me groan loud enough to be heard a block away. Subconsciously, I fall victim to the impending ridicule of my surrender. This moment of acquiesce persuades me to readily accept my defeat, knowing the conquest and subjugation to my groin will not soon be forgotten.

Muscles tighten and relax in sync with the endless motion. My heartbeat falls in rhythmic suit. The sound reverberating in my ears deafens me to anything and everything around me. I feel the blush of my cheeks deepen as I revel in the moment on the verge of passing out.

Surely this enervating exhilaration is more climatic than climbing the highest mountain.

The burn is real… during the 30 minute workout of an exercising fat girl!

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  1. ~chuckling~ those who have dirty minds could have taken that in an entirely different way but this dirty mind was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was NOT disappointed and am right there with the burn – so much that I believe I can start a campfire with my thighs – lol


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