Absolutely Bananas

Recently reading an article by the Physological Science Org (don’t judge), I discovered that it is widespread behavior for average everyday folks to occasionally revel in the chaos of others. This perverse enjoyment is a form of ‘normal’ sadism and is more common than slipping on a banana peel.

Typically, one to adamantly disagree, a recent moment of bedlam as describe by a friend uncovered a fiendish delight in knowing I was just afforded a hysterical tale to tell for years to come. The story of the frenzied quest was described so wildly, you could practically taste it.

This quest for which I speak was not an endeavor in discovering the meaning of life but at that moment could have been misinterpreted as the pursuit of happiness. She was definitely and without question consumed by the burning desire to expose an evasive but rudimentary object. Nevertheless as the story goes, had anyone been in observance they would have surely assumed a hunt for the holy grail was afoot.

Her words helped elucidate the situation, easily breathing life into the imaginable hairy-scary hurricane she created as she flitted about. So distracted in their frantic search, her hands refrained from pulling her newly done ‘doo’ out by the roots! (Truth be told, she does not have a lot. And hairless?… well, bald is only beautiful on Vin Diesel!)

Typically not the violent type, she sheepishly admitted there was more than one fleeting thought of punching holes in walls and hauling not only doors but also drawers from their hinges. Truth be shared, she would have certainly began biting people had they been around to question her bizarre obsession!

Under normal circumstances not a finger pointer but in that instance she was not shy in vocalizing her suspicions. Convinced the ever ravenous cubicle mate had plotted a devious masterplan. This ruse undoubtedly formed by her leftover nemesis and the well-known crumb ogler.

Prepared for more disappointment, she painstakingly raised the file cabinet door and in the midst of everything as if previously overlooked, there it was! On the verge of tears, unsure if by delight or exhaustion, with two hands she slowly lifted the elusive and priceless plastic prize.

She grasped the container and newly found SPORK to her chest like a fat kid on Halloween, admitting three things….

First – after spending what seemed countless hours (translated = 10 minutes tops) looking for this manmade utensil, she was NOT sharing.

Second – there was no room for doubt that she was irrevocably and absolutely bananas for wafers, pudding and oblong fruit (i.e. bananas).


Third – she would lick the bowl on her way home!

Just have to be thankful for the one who sends you a 13 word text that gives way to a blog making fun of an ever-loving banana pudding fanatic!

Thank you Louise! ❤️

If interested in trying this Really Good Banana Pudding view my Recipes to Share page.

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