Rainbows and Schatzi

How easy to believe it takes somewhere over the rainbow to find a true Schatzi.

Many relationships start in a whirlwind, spinning out of control like a magical tornado whisking you away to an almost inconceivable land of romance. Those too cowardly to grab love by the proverbial lion’s tail will undoubtedly question if they have half a brain or accidentally sniffed a few poisonous poppies.

A true connection rarely follows a well paved road. The past eventually reveals it’s hairy claws like sneaky winged monkeys forcing panicked chants, “O-Ee-O…“ and frantic prayers for a crystal ball to lead the way. The fantasy unfolds as each would-be lover cautiously avoids potential wicked witches or men hiding their hearts behind hidden curtains.

The lucky few like Dave and Mel will readily link elbows and skip their way into a happy relationship while whispering, ‘Ok, ok Cupid, we have this!’ Similar to a present on Christmas Eve, the feelings unwrap year over year, month to month whether in the midst of tornado season or simply the 14th of October. Everyday the warm fuzzy feelings grow as if gorging on chips and salsa after a few margaritas at the memorable El Reparo.

Slowly the emotions begin to climax until one Friday in June, they realize that dreams you dare to dream really do come true. As if in a click or three, they say I do and find that there truly is no place like home and that’s where we’ll find them… together.

Please join me in congratulating my oldest (like wizard old) brother and my beautiful new sister-in-law (she’s munchkin cute) in their nuptials.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Please leave your congratulations and comments. I will happily pass them along.

The weird references:

  • Mel is a huge Wizard of Oz fan ~ makes sense now, huh?
  • Schatzi ~ David’s nickname for Mel
  • Dave ~ Mel’s very creative nickname for my brother David
  • Ok Cupid ~ how they met
  • Christmas Eve ~ They got engaged
  • 14th of October ~ First date
  • El Reparo ~ First date place
  • Friday in June ~ Friday, June 26t, 2020 ~ they say “I Do“
  • Writer ~ their magnificent, yet humble and extremely happy for them sister

2 replies

  1. I am so over the rainbow happy for them!! May they have many Emerald City moments and find that there’s no place like home….Love, Aunt Debra


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