An old friend for the holiday

Recognizing there is not a breeze to be felt, he is still chilled to the bone. His wrap covers every inch of his flesh but offers no warmth. He sits in the cold, dark, claustrophobic space expectingly. Knowing soon a day will come when he is given the chance to bask in the heat of excitement, love and good cheer.

In his prime he frolicked all day with little care. A true corn fed cock, wild at heart, eagerly snapping at those who attempted to ruffle his feathers. He and his flock of friends behaving as if they were on a most adventurous quest, gaggling like a bunch of old birds and imagining what could be foraged if they could only break free of their confines.

No longer strutting about and still frozen to the core, the anticipation builds as he sits there, waiting. Overweight, burden with fat and extra flesh, a true butterball, there is no opportunity to deny he is worth his weight. He is a special guest that will undoubtedly be the center of attention!

The holidays are for family and friends, remembering traditions and all the things to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving, as well as every one before and every one to come, I am blessed with knowing we will always have an old friend for the holiday….

Mr. Gobbles.

My daughter was approximately 5 when she and her father began naming our Thanksgiving turkey. Every year, we shop for just the right Mr. Gobbles and once found, we proudly dub him so. Regardless of age or what may seem to be an immature gesture, our silent tradition and all of the memories afforded by such a simple salutation are truly priceless.

Of the many things I thank him for… this is one of the most heartfelt.

Mr. Gobbles lives on. Happy Thanksgiving 2019

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